Egypt’s Misr Capital plans to become an integrated investment bank

Misr Capital Investments is planning to transform into a full-fledged investment bank offering all the non banking services on the long term, its co-CEO and MD Khalil El Bawab told Amwal Al Ghad.

Thus, in order to achieve such purpose a number of key personnel have joined the Company’s teamwork.

El Bawab added that the investment arm of Egypt’s second state lender Banque Misr has posted direct investments of 12.5 billion pounds by the end of the first quarter of the current year.

The company seeks to seize number of promising investment opportunities in various sectors, in light of the positive developments in the investment climate coincided with the results achieved by the economic reform program, he added.

Misr Capital Investment (MCI) is an Egypt-focused investment company  founded by Banque Misr .

MCI main goal is to create value and sustainable investments; yet, MCI is committed to benefit the broader interests of the community through the investment of medium of capital and business building support.

The Company has assets under management exceeding  12 billion Egyptian pounds including listed and unlisted companies.

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