Egypt’s NTRA , Internet Operators to Pump Investments to Raise Network’s Efficiency

The National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (NTRA) agreed with the firms provided internet services the need to pump more investments as to enhance and raise the efficiency of networks.

NTRA agreed with the firms to provide Test Speed so that users can measure and evaluate speeds provided to them.

The Authority stated on a statement announced on Monday that it agreed with all the firms concerning the regions where suffered from low-speed internet services, so the Authority has to check and review the dilemmas and to agree with the companies so as to provide repaid solutions in both technical and commercial sides.

it asserted that the firms should aware to the absorptive capacity of the networks and to link it to the marketing schemes to face the future expansions, beside the need to the Service level agreement (SLA).

it explained that it is about to approve new technical product that allow providing high speed internet services and this through short-term schemes that agreed with the firms.

Furthermore, NTRA met the representatives of the firms provided the internet services in the last Thursday, to discuss the quality of the services provided to the users, and the short schemes to raise the efficiency of internet services.