Egypt’s Petroleum & EFCBC Agreed To Identify Shares Of Diesel

The Egyptian Federation for Construction and Building Contractors (EFCBC) has agreed with the Petroleum Ministry to identify the fundamental controls and conditions concerning paying the necessary diesel fuel for the construction firms which will not be restricted by the smart card system, so every firm will be cashed according to basic condition.

Eng. Hassan Abdel-Aziz, Chairman of (EFCBC), said he has decided within the meeting with Eng. Sherif Haddara Egypt’s newly-appointed Petroleum Minister to exchange the shares of construction firms according to the volume of each company which will be identified through (EFCBC).

Abdel-Aziz added that the construction companies basically depends on the petroleum products to run work equipment, the share of smart cards is not sufficient, pointing out that the diesel shortage during the last phase has suspended many works.

Abdel-Aziz has emphasized that (EFCBC) called the Housing Ministry which has urged the Petroleum Ministry and Cabinet through more than detailed memorandum dealing with the most important problems which face the construction firms.

Abdel-Aziz further has revealed the formation of joint committee including the members of (EFCBC) and Petroleum Ministry, noting that it will put all the controls and foundations to exchange shares of diesel fuel, bitumen of construction companies, during this meeting it is scheduled to hold periodic meetings with representatives of the Ministry of Petroleum and members of EFCBC to follow diesel fuel crisis so as to end this dilemma.