Egypt’s Petroleum Minister Pays Visit to EPC-Company

Eng. Sherif Ismail, Egyptian Petroleum Minister, has paid a visit to Petrochemicals Company in Alexandria (EPC, Egy-Petrochem) in order to to raise productive potential to the company’s factories.

 The minister has asserted the importance of the public sector of the company as it is the Mainstay to raise the efficiency and the levels of leaderships performances and to bring technical labor with another coach at the highest level.

Eng. Mohamed Magdy, the Chairman of the Petrochemicals company has reviewed the new projects with the minister which aim to raise the capabilities of the company’s factories to 100 K tons annually, aiming to develop and improve the economy.

He has indicated that Petrochemical is considered to be the first company operating in petrochemicals field so as to produce ,distribute , manufacture, operate and treat the petrochemicals products.