Egypt’s pound weakens to EGP 30.83 to dollar at midday

Egypt’s pound currency fell to EGP 30.78 for buying and EGP 30.83 for selling at some banks during midday trade on Tuesday as of 14:22 CLT (12:22 GMT).

At the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank – Egypt (ADIB Egypt), the Egyptian pound reached EGP 30.78 for buying and EGP 30.83 for selling against the dollar.

Meanwhile, at Suez Canal Bank, the United Bank, Export Development Bank of Egypt (EBank), Arab Investment Bank (aiBANK), Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank – Egypt (ADCB-Egypt), and Commercial International Bank (CIB Egypt), the greenback recorded EGP 30.73 for buying and EGP 30.83 for selling.

The Egyptian currency stood at EGP 30.67 for buying and EGP 30.77 for selling against dollar at Mashreq, the Industrial Development Bank (IDB), Ahli United Bank- Egypt (AUB), and QNB ALAHLI.

At the National Bank of Egypt (NBE) and Banque Misr, the pound registered EGP 30.63 for buying and EGP 30.73 for selling.

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