Egypt’s property developer SODIC launches 10 Platform capabilities with Android TV

SODIC has become one of Egypt’s leading and most credible real estate development companies with its many residential, commercial, and retail developments. SODIC sees TV services as a key element to help drive customer experience, and therefore sought a platform capable of supporting Android TV in addition to traditional STBs and mobile/PC devices.

The Minerva 10 Platform, powering more than 300 operators worldwide, provides an engaging, highly personalized television and video entertainment service. SODIC is Minerva’s first regional deployment using this advanced technology.

With the Android TV launch, customers will have the capability to download and use Android applications, media streaming services, live TV, games, and more. The Android TV, multi-screen solution gives subscribers the ability to start watching on one device, and seamlessly continue watching on anothers. Users also have the ability to upgrade their current M10 Platform for additional TV and video services.

“Minerva is excited to continue working with SODIC in Egypt to launch next generation, personalized video services,” said Marco Bonomi, Regional VP of Sales at Minerva, adding: “The fact that this is our first regional deployment using Android TV will increase expectations, as we continually deliver an exceptional television experience in the Middle East and beyond.”

“When building our Video over IP platform, we looked for best-of-breed leading Video Technology providers that would enable us to deploy a superior entertainment experience to our customers and Minerva was always on top of our list,” said Hisham Salah, Chief Information Officer at SODIC.

“Not only Minerva provided us with the latest Android TV technologies, they also allowed our customers to access an outstanding feature set; Minerva 10 provides scalable, reliable, personalized video services based on Enriched Metadata, Recommendations, Trending, Advanced Analytics, Voice Recognition, Artificial Intelligence and leverages the power of the Cloud, Salah further added.

We are extremely pleased with our selection and with the contribution Minerva is making to the quality of the entertainment that we offer to our customers,” he noted. Source: Mobile Commerce Press 

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