Egypt’s Prosecution Summons 3 Accused Of Killing Journalist Abou-Deif

Three men accused of murdering of journalist El-Hosseiny Abou-Deif in last December’s clashes at the presidential palace were summoned by the prosecution on Saturday for questioning.

The defendants, who were not named, are to be questioned next Saturday in Heliopolis.

Abou-Deif, a 33-year-old journalist was shot in the head by unknown assailants using live ammunition last December as he was covering the clashes between supporters and opponents of president Mohamed Morsi.

Abou-Deif stayed in a coma for one week before he was announced dead.

Eyewitnesses and friends of Abu-Deif who had accompanied him to the protest accuse Muslim Brotherhood members of killing him as he stood among a crowd of anti-Morsi protesters.

No information on the accused has been provided so far.

The Freedom and Justice Party, the Brotherhood’s political wing, released a statement last December claiming that Abou Deif’s death was a result of anti-Mohamed Morsi “paid thugs.”