Egypt’s stock market ends lower on 6/11/2023

Egypt’s stock market ended lower on Wednesday, with the main index, EGX 30, dropping by 1.69 percent to 24703, losing 424.36 points.

The small to mid-sized enterprises’ index, EGX70, also went down by 1.40 percent to 5349, losing 75.72 points.

The EGX100 index, was down by 1.43 percent to 7753, losing 112.23 points.

Additionally, Egypt’s market cap recorded 1.672 trillion Egyptian pounds, compared to 1.699 trillion pounds in the previous trading session on Tuesday.

Moreover, the transactions of Egyptian and Arab investors tended towards selling with a net value of 279 million pounds and 60.1 million pounds, respectively, while foreigners intended to buy with a net value of 340 million pounds.

The total exchange value amounted to about 5.3 billion pounds and amount of 1.2 billion securities executed on 153 thousand transactions.

The highest-priced stocks on Wednesday:

Egypt for Poultry (EPCO.CA) went up by 8.46 percent, closing at 5.8 pounds.

Misr Beni Suef – Cement Co (MBSC.CA) jumped by 7.25 percent, at 49.4 pounds.

Alico Real Estate (RREI.CA) increased by 6.8 percent, at 0.92 pounds.

Nasr Civil Works (NCCW.CA) surged by 5.7 percent, at 5.9 pounds.

Finally, Foodico – Ismailia National for Food Industries (INFI.CA) up by 5.3 percent, at 67.4 pounds.

The lowest-priced stocks on Wednesday:

Kahira Co. for Pharmaceuticals and Chemical Industries (CPCI.CA) went down by 11.08 percent, closing at 60.2 pounds.

TAQA Arabia (TAQA.CA) declined by 9.35 percent, at 15 pounds.

Orascom Financial Holding (OFH.CA) dropped by 7.76 percent, at 0.42 pounds.

Al Ahly for Development & Investment (AFDI.CA) fell by 6.5 percent, at 36.9 pounds.

Finally, Al Tawfeek for Financial Lease (ATLC.CA) down by 6.11 percent, at 5 pounds.

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