Egypt’s stocks close lower on Monday as benchmark EGX 30 slid 1.64%

Egypt’s stock exchange (EGX) has closed lower on Monday, with the benchmark EGX 30 index sliding by 1.64 percent to 10,710 points.

EGX 70 EWI index of the leading smaller and mid cap enterprises (SME) sank by 2.71 percent to 2,689 points, while the fixed-weighted index, EGX 30 Capped fell 1.94 percent to 13,072 points. The all-embracing index, EGX 100 decreased 2.60 percent to 3,656 points. In addition, the equal weights index, EGX 50 fell by 2.65 percent to 2,302 points.

Market Cap   

The country’s market capitalisation has on Monday incurred losses worth 10.8 billion Egyptian pounds ($687.4 billion), ending the trading at 706.751 billion pounds driven by local investors’ selloff.

Trading Aggregates            

Trading value has approximately reached around 4.1 billion pounds, while the trading volume has almost recorded 350.687 million securities executed 47,057 transactions.

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