Egypt’s stocks end at mixed performance on Sunday

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Egypt’s Stock Exchange (EGX) concluded the trading session on Sunday with a mixed performance, as the main market index EGX30 decreased by the end of the session by 0.38 percent to close at 9895.04 points.

EGX70 EWI of small and medium companies kept increasing to record 0.77 percent from 0.67 percent as it reached 2209.22 points at the end of the trading session.

EGX100 EWI rose by 0.41 percent to close at 3140.14 points respectively, while EGX50 EWI dropped at 0.23 percent to record 1895.93 points.

The EGX30 Capped fall down by 0.09 percent and the highest value record 12221.61, but it closed the session at 12202.03 points.

The market capital of the shares listed in the inside market fell to 687.2 billion Egyptian pounds.

The Egyptian investors tended to buy with a net purchase value of 36 million pounds, while the foreigner and Arab investors intended to sell with a net value of 3.7 million and 32 million pounds, respectively.

The total trading value amounted to about 724 pounds and the amount of 392 million papers executed on 37 thousand transactions.

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