Egypt’s trade with UK grows 16% in 8 months

The volume of trade exchange between Egypt and the United Kingdom rose 16 percent to $1.971 billion during the first eight months of the year from $1.656 billion last year.

Trade between the two countries jumped 15.3 percent to $272.212 million last August from $230.45 million during the same period in 2017, said the state-run statics agency CAMPAS on Wednesday.

“Egyptian imports from UK increased 6.7 percent to $1.086 billion during the January-August 2018 period, against $1.017 billion during the same period last year,” a CAMPAS bulletin showed.

Egypt’s exports climbed around 38.6 percent to $885.737 million, compared with $639.082 million last year, the agency said.

Egyptian exports of mineral fuels including oil grew 211.6 percent to $244.438 million from $78.456 million.

“Egypt’s fertilizers exports rose 47.5 percent to $30.098 million, versus $20.412 million last year,” CAMPAS said, adding that the country’s electronic equipment exports surged 15.7 percent to $194.735 million from $168.287 million.

Egyptian plastics exports increased 25.3 percent to $44.819 million, compared to $35.769 million, while clothing exports fell 14 percent to $45.111 million pounds from $52.48 million.