EiTESAL, ITIDA discuss adding 50,000 workers to outsourcing industry in Egypt

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Egypt’s Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) is giving priority to support and market ICT projects, said Hazem El Tahawy, Chairman of Egyptian Information, Telecommunication, Electronics and Software Alliance (EiTESAL NGO).

For this purpose, ITIDA launched ‘Ebny’ (Build) initiative to support young ICT entrepreneurs as part of its project to establish an innovation complex by the end of this year. ITIDA is also working on the execution of new Borg-El Arab and Asyut technology parks that will help accelerate the fulfilment of these projects.

El Tahawy stated that this step is part of the ongoing partnership and cooperation between ITIDA and civil society organisations in favor of ICT industries.

The official added that ITIDA willexecute 10 projects within ‘Ebny’ initiative in cooperation with EiTESAL NGO association and the Egyptian Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT).

On the other hand, SamehMontasser, board member of EiTESAL NGO, confirmed that the board of directors is going to have a meeting very soon to explore possible ways of boosting outsourcing industry with the target of raising numbers of workers to reach 50,000 within two years.

From his part, Hazem El Tahawy expressed his gratitude for ITIDA’s continuing support of EiTESAL NGO’s projects.



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