El-Baradei: Army Last Resort For Protecting Egypt

Leading opposition Mohamed El-Baradei said that the Armed Forces are the last resort in protecting Egypt in the absence of the police.

In an interview with private-owned channel CBC on Tuesday, El-Baradei said that “the idea of establishing popular committees mean that we are heading to become another Somalia.”

El-Baradei said the incumbent regime is the only reason behind the current failure.

“It is of the repercussions of the past 40 years,” he added.

El-Baradei noted that Amnesty International issued a statement terming the bills of NGOs and demonstrations as a betrayal of the January 25 revolution.

Asked about proposing economic and political solutions for the current crises in Egypt, El-Baradei said he submitted two documents over constitutional principles and economic reform to former prime minister Kamal el-Ganzouri.