Europe’s clean energy hits 60% in early 2024

Europe hit a new milestone in clean energy usage, with 60 per cent of its electricity coming from renewable sources in the first two months of 2024, Reuters reported on Tuesday.

This marks a 12 per cent increase in clean energy production compared to last year, reaching a record 516.5 terawatt hours, according to Ember’s data.

Fossil fuel generation has dropped to its lowest since 2015, with coal and natural gas outputs decreasing by 15 per cent and 4 per cent, respectively.

Nuclear power remains the top clean energy source, despite having the second-lowest output since 2015 due to plant closures and production issues.

Hydroelectric dams follow, contributing a record 17.6 per cent to Europe’s total electricity, with significant increases in output from Norway, France, Switzerland, and Portugal.

Wind and solar farms have also seen record generation, with the potential to soon surpass nuclear power as Europe’s primary clean energy source. The growth rate of solar and wind has been 11 per cent  annually since 2019, while nuclear has declined by 3 per cent each year.

If this trend continues, solar and wind could become the leading sources of clean electricity by 2025, further reducing reliance on fossil fuels and aiding in the continent’s energy transition and pollution reduction efforts.

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