Europe’s new vehicles sales rise 12% in February

Europe’s auto sales increased by 12 percent last month for a seventh straight month, aided by strong growth in the U.K. and Spain and improving supply chains, the Association of European Carmakers (ACEA) data showed on Tuesday.

ACEA added that the recorded number of new cars in the European Union (EU), Britain, and members of the European Free trade Association (EFTA) rose by 12.2 percent to 902,000 with 775 cars.

According to a Eurostat report on the 2nd of December, the EU exports from hybrid and electric cars increased by 69 percent last year, with a value of 42 billion euros, more than the imports.

The non-plug hybrid cars exports increased to 22.9 billion euros in 2021, while the electric cars exports reached 12.3 billion euros, and the plug hybrid cars exports reached 6.8 billion euros.

Eurostat said that the total value of imports increased by 40 percent to 29 billion euros, and the value of imports for plug hybrid cars reached 11.8 billion euros, CNBC reported.

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