Exclusive: Egypt Offers 25 Grand Investment Opportunities Next February

Egypt is planning to offer 25 major investment opportunities in New Valley governorate during its upcoming economic summit slated for February.

Egyptian Ministry of Trade, Industry and SMEs has finalised the planning of around 25 new major projects in the governorate of New Valley so as to be presented to investors during Egypt’s Economic Summit.

Amwal Al Ghad has obtained a copy of a detailed written statement about the government’s upcoming 25 projects, which located in the New Valley’s industrial zone.

The 25 projects to be offered in the summit are as follows:

1-  Six fertiliser plants, with a production capacity of one million tonnes a year for each plant.

2-  Five plants for manufacturing ground calcium carbonate (GCC) plants.

3-  Five plants for manufacturing quicklime.

4-  Five plants for manufacturing hydrated lime.

5-  Four cement plants, with a production capacity of 2 million tonnes a year for each plant.

UAE and Saudi investors are expected to have a remarkable participation in those projects, sources from Egyptian ministry of industry told Amwal Al Ghad.

Meanwhile, Egypt’s planned economic summit is scheduled to spotlight on the government’s current and future political, economic and social vision.

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