Exploratory mission visits Ghana to promote Egyptian engineering products

Engineering Export Council of Egypt (ECC) sent an exploratory mission to Ghana recently to promote Egyptian products in states of west Africa.

Amr Nassar, council’s General Secretary stated Thursday that the visit comes in line with the commercial mission that was sent by Egyptian Lebanese Businessmen Friendship Association- Elba.

Those missions are among council’s promotional strategy that emphasises on the importance of entering African markets, Nassar clarified.

According to council’s studies, Ghana is set to be Egypt’s gate to west Africa states due to its steady economic growth within the last years in addition to the expectations that Ghanaian economy would keep growing within the upcoming years.

The exploratory mission has arranged a number of visits to official authorities notably Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC), Ghana Export Promotion Authority, GEPA, and Ghanaian Exhibitions Company, in addition to meetings with officials at Ghanaian ministries.

The mission also held meetings with a number of trade and industrial firms that work in Ghana and keen on dealing with Egyptian products.

The purpose of the mission is to discover Ghanaian market, recognise all available investment opportunities, as well as studying market’s volume in a practical way, an official at the mission stated.

He pointed out that the council is currently preparing for a trade mission encompassing Egyptian manufacturers to Ghana.

Egypt’s Ambassador to Ghana, Mohammed Haydar, clarified that Ghana enjoys a lot of trade and investment opportunities for Egyptian businessmen since Ghana-Egypt ties are deep and strong.

The ambassador noted that Ghana is a fertile soil for new investors as it needs engineering products in different sectors notably power, agricultural, transports, and home appliances.