Explore these free wonderful experiences at COP28’s green zone

The Green Zone at COP28 UAE features the first sustainable fashion show at COP, as well as various artistic and entertaining events, to be a vibrant hub from 3-12 December.

These events are planned and selected to educate, engage, and enable those who create climate solutions and those who want to take climate action in their daily lives. 

Here’s a glimpse of what’s coming up:

Tree of life 

The Energy Hub in the Green Zone hosts the Tree of Life, an innovative AI-based digital art project that interacts with visitors and represents ecological sustainability.

Inspired by the UAE’s tough Ghaf tree, this art project uses AI to create the Tree of Life. It helps visitors learn about COP28’s main goals and pledge to be more eco-friendly.

One World One Humanity

A Theatrical Show that will immerse the audience in COP28’s vision: unite. act. deliver. It will feature amazing characters who will tell a story of our global community and how we can work together for a greener and fairer future. You can watch this show twice a day on weekdays and three times on weekends.

Sustainable Fashion Show

A Fashion Show for the Planet on 6 December, Al Wasl Plaza will host this show with some of the top names in the industry to showcase their eco-friendly collections.

It will be the first fashion show at COP and will support both new and experienced designers who care about climate change and sustainability.

Koli Fishermen of Bombay: Guardians of Cultural Sustainability Dance Performance

The Essar Group’s Avid Learning will present a musical that celebrates the Kolis, Bombay’s original people, and their bond with the sea.

The performance will show the beauty and strength of the Koli culture and history, as well as their struggles with issues like climate change, industrialisation, and overfishing. It will also show their dedication to protecting the marine life.

The musical will be directed by Parag Tandel, a Koli artist and researcher, Yuki Ellias, an actor and producer, and Tej Arun Chandiwale, the choreographer.

The Wake Up Experience by Impact Nest

“Impact Nest” is set to offer an immersive session that provide a glimpse into the future and a deep introspective journey.

This experience will be enhanced by the insights of Indian yogi Sadhguru and the visual narratives of the award-winning MP-STUDIO on the spectacular Al Wasl Dome. The session will also highlight the severe climate challenges and potential solutions to prevent a possible massive migration crisis, the largest in human history.

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