Explosive device kills two policemen in Sinai

An improvised explosive device (IED) targeting a security checkpoint in the North Sinai city of Al-Arish left two policemen killed late Wednesday, according to the Ministry of Interior.

According to the ministry statement, several more conscripts were injured.

Last week, clashes between militants and security personnel in various North Sinai security checkpoints left at least 16 soldiers and 15 militants dead.

Following the attacks on the checkpoints, the armed forces announced that they killed 35 “terrorists” during their pursuit of militants.

The Sinai-based militant group “State of Sinai”, formerly known as AnsarBeit Al-Maqdis, stated in an online statement afterwards that they had launched an attack on seven checkpoints on the Al-Arish-Rafah road, and killed “tens” of security personnel. They also claimed to have seized two military vehicles and weapons.

For the past year, insurgencies in North Sinai have been ongoing.On 29 January, at least 30 soldiers were killed in a series of militant attacks.

Meanwhile, Cairo, Alexandria and other governorates have experienced more minor attacks, primarily on police stations, roads, trains, and occasionally telecommunications stores.

Source: Daily news Egypt