Fiat set to unveil hybrid 500e EV

Fiat owner Stellantis is set to announce on Monday a hybrid variant of its 500e electric car, which will be produced at the Mirafiori plant in Italy, Reuters reported.

The announcement is expected during a meeting in Turin between CEO Carlos Tavares and unions, who have been advocating for a new high-volume, more affordable model to boost Mirafiori’s production.

The 500e is currently assembled in Turin, Fiat’s historical hub; however, due to a global slowdown in fully-electric vehicle sales, Stellantis has significantly reduced production rates, leading to extended furlough periods for plant workers.

This move could also enhance Stellantis’ relationship with the Italian government, which has previously criticised the group for declining output within the country and for producing some Fiat and Alfa Romeo models abroad.

Stellantis, as Italy’s sole major automaker, is in discussions with the government to develop a plan aimed at increasing production in the country to one million vehicles by the end of the decade (up from around 750,000 last year).

According to Automotive News Europe, production of the new hybrid 500e is expected to begin no earlier than late 2025. Stellantis aims for an annual output of 200,000 500s at Mirafiori, including 125,000 hybrids, compared to less than 80,000 produced last year.

The hybrid 500e will share the same platform as the existing 500e EV, while Fiat is phasing out the older version of the 500 (both petrol-powered and hybrid), which was previously assembled in Poland.

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