FIHC Mulls Over Importing Ethiopian Meat From Al Sakty’s Slaughterhouses

The Food Industries Holding Company (FIHC) will examine the offers submitted by Alaa Al Sakty, Egyptian businessman. Al Sakty’s offer is about importing the Ethiopian meat from his own slaughterhouses there in return for not exchanging the hard currency.

In his statements to “Amwal Al Ghad”, Alaa Al Sakty said he hasn’t received yet the approval of FIHC over importing the frozen meat from his slaughterhouses in Ethiopia; expecting the response soon, after coordinating with the concerned state authorities.

Al Sakty has pointed out that exporting the Ethiopian meat and some other commodities to Egypt without exchanging the hard currency is a tremendous advantage to the Egyptian government, because it can help in deadening the pressure on the hard currency. By this offer, Al Sakty expects that the bill of Egypt’s imports from Ethiopia will reach $150 million in case of approving and activating this offer by the Egyptian government.