Food security affects national security; Egypt’s minister Nasr says

The Minister of International Cooperation Sahar Nasr confirmed that one of the government’s priorities is to achieve food security for its citizens. These remarks came during a meeting held with the regional director of the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO), Giovanna Ceglie, on Wednesday.

Nasr said that food security is an important pillar that can affect the stability of national security. She also added that it is important to coordinate efforts between the development partners to support many of the projects in Egypt.

Nasr commended the current cooperation between Egypt and UNIDO in many sectors, especially in the farming sector, after which the two sides discussed cooperation in agricultural greenhouse technology.

Ceglie confirmed that UNIDO is willing to support Egypt’s agriculture sector with its expertise, especially in the 1.5m-acre land reclamation project, in order to help farmers increase their production output. She added that this will eventually increase the added value of agricultural products.

Sustainable industrial development is considered one of the pillars that world leaders set as a goal to achieve sustainable development, Ceglie pointed out.

Representatives of UNIDO said that they are going to visit the Minya soon to find new opportunities to support other projects in the governorate.

UNIDO is currently working towards developing the local industry in order to enhance its competitiveness and increase production quality and capacity at affordable prices, in exchange of improving citizens’ standard of living, UNIDO representatives added.

Source: Daily News Egypt

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