For First Time in Egypt Market, Bank Audi Launches ‘World MasterCard’

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In an effort to continue providing its customers with the finest and most innovative banking services, Bank Audi has launched, for the first time in the Egyptian market, “World MasterCard”.

This credit card is tailored for affluent (premier) customers who are seeking a comfortable and first-class banking service worldwide.

The first of its kind in the Egyptian market, “World MasterCard” marks the Bank’s efforts at providing customers with exclusive and excellent financial services. “World MasterCard” is one of the highest levels of Credit cards all over the world; it is positioned on the top of the credit cards range pyramid.

In this respect, HatemSadek – Chairman and Managing Director of Bank Audi – highlighted on the Bank’s dedication in providing its customers with highest banking services. He also stressed that Bank Audi aims at providing customers with the most innovative banking products that fits the customer’s changing and growing needs.

According to Sadek, Bank Audi places an emphasis on the needs of its target customers in the field of retail banking, which includes an in-depth knowledge of their financial needs to be able to provide products specifically designed for these segments by communicating with them through their most preferred mediums.

He explained that this strategy enabled the Bank to achieve unprecedented growth rates in just eight years from its launch in the Egyptian market and throughout the financial market crisis and up to date. This growth was reflected in Bank Audi’s ranking in Egyptian market moving from being ranked among the banks as the smallest banking unit in 2005 to becoming the seventh among the largest private banks operating in Egypt in the number of total assets, total deposits and total loans.

Furthermore, Ihab Dora – Head of Retail Banking – stated that Bank Audi’s launch of “World MasterCard” highlights the Bank’s commitment to strengthening and expanding its banking services in the Egyptian market and providing customers with the newest and most innovative banking products and services.

He added that “Bank Audi World MasterCard” offers their holder a credit limit of up to EGP 750,000, and up to 100%of the card limit for cash withdrawals with a maximum daily limit of EGP 25,000. The new product also provides its customers with yearly Bank statements which gives cardholders a brief about their monthly card usage activities during the year like travel, shopping, cash withdrawal, etc. In addition to free detailed monthly statements, free electronic statements and Free SMS Alerts for all transactions performed using the credit card. In addition, World MasterCard is integrated with a smart chip to ensure the highest level of security. Above that, Bank Audi has a 24/7 dedicated call center number just for the affluent (premier) services which is 16VIP.

Dora also stated that “Bank Audi World MasterCard” offers its cardholders the “World & More” reward pointing system for the first time on Bank Audi credit cards. World & More provides Bank Audi’s customers with 10,000 “Welcome Points” upon the first usage of their cards in addition to points accumulation with every transaction performed using card.

According to Magdy Hassan – Country Manager of MasterCard – Egypt, the launch of “World MasterCard” by Bank Audi Egypt highlights the strong partnership between MasterCard and Bank Audi which is one of the leading banking institutions in Egypt and the region. Hassan also emphasized that the new World MasterCard represents a real added value to its cardholders due to the exceptional services and luxurious benefits.

Hassan added that “World MasterCard” is charged with “World Privileged Access” which gives customers’ access to a world of special offers and benefits all over the world, which includes exclusive discounts and competitive offerings at various brands and high-end restaurants, as well as VIP access to exceptional cultural events such as worldwide theaters, opera houses and art galleries as well as other benefits.

“World MasterCard” also provides special services for travelers and a complimentary access to first class lounges at 8 airports in the Middle East. The card also provides customers with “Priority Pass” which grants holders access to 600 VIP lounges in more than 120countries around the world. Furthermore cardholders are granted “IAPA” membership, which provides customers with special discounts at hotels and car rental agencies across the globe, while also providing them with a luggage protection program as well as discounts on “WIFI” services at various places around the world.

The card also allows access to “MasterCard Airport Concierge Service” along with meet & greet airports services which provides the customer with an agent to escort him/her and facilitate their travel procedures from the moment they arrive to the airport until they reach the flight seat and vice versa. Cardholders are also provided with MasterCard Global Services, which gives assistance in emergency cases around the world.

Customers can also use International Concierge Services to help them with their business needs like conference/events preparations, sending faxes and emails in addition to providing assistance with personal services such as booking restaurants, golf courses and sending gifts etc. These services are all provided anywhere worldwide.

The card also provides insurance services which include Travel Accident Insurance and medical insurance with an amount up to USD 1,000,000. In addition to that, it offers insurance program on purchases in the cases of theft and lost with an amount up to USD 20,000 annually along with an extended warranty program that offers 12 months additional Guarantee of up to USD 2000 annually for items purchased using the card plus a Card Fraud Protection Program of up to USD 4,000 annually.