Foreign Affairs Committee calls on Britain to extradite Ghali and Mamdouh Ismail

Foreign Affair committee in PA, headed by Essm Al Erian, called on Britain to rapidly extradite the Egyptian criminals, who are at large; especially Boutros Ghali, former minister of finance. In a statement of the committee, this morning, after discussions with the British Ambassador James Watt, that it demanded the British side to rapidly extradite the Egyptian criminals, Botrous Ghali who was sentenced to 30 years and Mamdouh Ismail who caused in killing more than 1300 Egyptians in known ferry incident.

Al Arian also mentioned that a number of Egyptians had faced lamentable accidents in Britain such as the last accident of the Egyptian doctor Karim Assaad and the famous actress Souad Hosni, as the investigations discovered nothing so far.

The committee’s statement illustrated that it was assured on the British committees that there is no longer who can be against the rights of demonstration in Egyptand also the right of forming parties and NGOs and there is no longer any detainees, also there are files for political prisoners are being discussed now.

The British side is informed with NGOs issue which is in courts nowadays, and the defendant is innocent till approved guilty, as it was illustrated in the statement.

It stated also that it has to overcome the colonizer thought in the relation between Egypt and Britain, as 25 Jan Revolution come to put an end for all colonization forms

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