#GamingonTikTok gets record views from Egypt, UAE, Saudi in H1

TikTok drew three trillion views from users across the globe in 2022 who were searching for gaming content, as the company’s #GamingonTikTok hashtag recorded 81 million views from Egypt and the UAE each over the first half (H1) of 2023.

In Saudi Arabia, the number was more than double, with 238 million viewers using the hashtag.

Sub-hashtags like #MobileGamerNation were viewed by 3.6 billion globally, along with 287 million views in Egypt.

It also recorded 227 million video views from Saudi Arabia and 25 million video views in the UAE.

Another sub-hashtag is #WhatToPlay which recorded 1.3 billion global views, with 662,000 in Egypt, 665,000 in UAE, and 1.2 million in Saudi Arabia.

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