Gaza healthcare sector collapsed totally – Health Ministry

Gaza healthcare sector has now totally collapsed, with 12 hospitals and 30 healthcare centres out of service, said Palestinian ministry of health spokesman on Tuesday.

According to UN health agency (WHO) Emergencies Director for the Eastern Mediterranean Region, Rick Brennan, one in three hospitals and two in three clinics in Gaza are not functioning.

He also said that health facilities and workers have been receiving a huge number of trauma cases.

Brennan added that even with the provided aid, delivery to hospitals is compromised due to the lack of fuel and security risks to UN personnel.

UN humanitarian workers are constantly calling for urgent fuel deliveries to produce electricity for hospitals.

Israel has cut off fuel, water, electricity, and food from the Gaza strip in a war crime.

It even refused to let fuel in with the aid convoys allowed to enter Gaza.

Since Saturday, three convoys have entered Gaza through the Egyptian border containing food, water, and medical supplies.

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