General Electric supplies Steam Turbines for Two Power Plants in Egypt

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General Electric Co to supply Egypt with three D200 steam turbines to enhance the capacities of two power plants in West Damietta and Asyut , Electricity Minister Mohamed Shaker asserted Wednesday .

The two power plants are to generate more energy estimated at 750 megawatts (MW) by the combined cycle system, Shaker said.

He stated that this step comes among a strategic initiative aiming at enhancing the efficiency of generating energy in Egypt without any increase in fuel consumption.

The minister added that transferring from closed-cycle system to the combined cycle system in West Damietta and Asyut power plants is an important part of ministry’s strategy to improve the operational efficiency and boost the capacity of generating power.

He added that the two power plants are enhancing ministry’s emergency plan for summer.

Moreover, D200 steam turbine is a two-casing turbine for 50 and 60 Hz non-reheat steam cycle applications. Employed in both multi-shaft and single-shaft applications, single-shaft configurations incorporate a clutch that enables operational flexibility.