Google inks offshore wind energy deal

Technology giant Google announced on Thursday that it has signed its largest ever power purchase agreement (PPA) with offshore wind projects off the coast of the Netherlands for its data centres in Europe.

This will help Google’s Dutch data centres and offices reach more than 90 per cent carbon-free energy in 2024, which aligns with its ambitious goal to run all data centres with clean energy on a 24/7 basis by 2030.

The company also announced two additional agreements with Poland for 106 megawatts of solar generation capacity with GoldenPeaks Capital, which will help offices in Poland achieve more than 90 per cent carbon free energy in 2025.

Google also unveiled two new green energy deals in Belgium, which will help the company operate its offices and data centres in the country near 85 per cent carbon-free energy on an hourly local basis in 2024.

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