Harley-Davidson’s latest motorclothes collection is out!

The long-awaited riding season is back and as always Harley-Davidson delivers an exciting collection. Boasting functionality and style, the range is available in dealerships from February.

New technology is a key feature of theFXRG® range with Harley-Davidson being the first to introduce Cocona® technology to the motorsport clothing market. Natural sources such as recycled coconut shells and minerals are used to create fabric that delivers waterproofing, breathability and odour control. Riders stay drier, less clammy and comfortable over a wide range of weather conditions.

The FXRG® range of products in Harley-Davidson’s Core Collection, which is available all year round, is the most durable and functional riding gear available, designed to enhance comfort and performance. The gear is built to last, which is why most items come with a limited lifetime warranty.

The men’s Spring Collection is packed with clothing to get riders back on the road. The collection features a heavy mix of browns and blues as well as performance sportswear, which keeps the body cool and dry while eliminating bacteria and odour on the garment during wear.

The women’s range offers exciting ensembles.

The Spring Collection offers extensive options to get riders ready to ride again. Items can be purchased at Harley-Davidson dealerships.

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