Hassan Allam to build two towers at Egypt new capital city

Egyptian construction firm, Hassan Allam is officially tasked with building two administrative towers at the Ministerial District in the country’s new administrative capital city project.

The two towers will be with total costs worth more than one billion Egyptian pounds ($63.3 million), an official source in Hassan Allam told Amwal Al Ghad on Saturday.

Hassan Allam is the second construction firm to be officially tasked by the Egyptian government with carrying out a number of projects in the Ministerial District since no final agreement has been reached with the China Construction Company. In September 2015, Egypt signed an agreement with the China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC), also known as China Construction, to build and finance part of the NAC.

Egyptian government has previously tasked Arab Contractors with the implementation of the parliament’s building at the Ministerial District, in addition to several works on the residential district in the capital city, at total costs of more than 2 billion pounds.

Egypt unveiled plans for what it presented as a new administrative capital at an economic development conference earlier in March 2015, which was attended by 2,000 delegates from 112 nations, including heads of state, top multinational company executives and directors from the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

The city will be built east of Cairo, between Cairo and the planned Suez Canal hub north west of the Gulf of Suez. It will include 1.1 million residential units to house five million inhabitants, as well as an administrative district on 550 feddans of land, with a presidential palace, ministries, government bodies, and embassies, as well as a financial district, according to the plan.

The ministerial district will include ministries, government agencies and the president’s office.