Housing Ministry Moves Against Building’s Infringements in Alexandria

Ministry of Housing, in cooperation with concerned ministries, has started taking a number of actions to handle the problem of building infringements, which has resulted in a recession the real estate market in different governorates.

Dr. Tarek Wafiq, Minister of Housing and Urban Communities, stated that the Ministry will cooperate with the Egyptian Engineering Association in Alexandria to eliminate these infringements. The Ministry will hold a workshop in Alexandria by the end of next week, under the title of “Facing the Phenomena of Building Encroachment and Buildings without License in Alexandria,” with the aim of developing solutions to this problem.

He pointed out that the initiative against building encroachments will start in Alexandria, given that there is a large number of encroachments in many districts of the governorate, and then the work will be expanded on the level of the Republic.

Wafiq added that this workshop will identify the role of the government and the administrative authorities towards handling these encroachments, highlighting obstacles and the way to overcome them, in addition to the role of the Ministry of the Interior in this regard.

The workshop will also discuss how the Ministries of Justice and Agriculture  can support the government and executive bodies in fighting this problem.

Dr. Tarek Wafiq also noted that the Ministry has called upon a number of the ministries concerned to carry out the procedures prescribed by the provisions of the Unified Construction Law no 119 of 2008, its executive regulations, and relevant laws, in order to preserve the lives and property of  the citizens.

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