HSBC Egypt Upgrades its Call Centre System, Continues Investments in Technology

HSBC Bank Egypt has recently upgraded its Call Centre Interactive Voice Response System “IVR” with the latest technology in HSBC Group. Egypt is the first country in the MENA region to launch this new advanced IVR system, which will complete multiple customer requirements without agent intervention aiming to offer our customers the best of HSBC’s Global Technology.

Designed to save time for HSBC customers, the new IVR system provides automated customer identification against customer details maintained on the bank’s systemsll saving time for our customers to identify themselves before selecting their desired services. The new IVR system offers a wide range of services, including instant changing or requesting of the customer’s phone banking pin or cards pin, new cheque books request, payment between HSBC Bank Egypt accounts and credit cards, details of the customer’s last 5 Debit & Credits transactions and mini statement.

“Upgrading our Call Centre IVR system is part of the continuous investment of the HSBC Group in Egypt which continues to be one of the Group’s top 20 priority markets and one of its top 3 markets in the MENA Region. At HSBC Bank Egypt we continue to invest in upgrading our infrastructure and introducing new products and services, with a special focus on the latest technology available in the Group. We will continue to introduce such technology in the Egyptian market to ensure our customers enjoy an easy, safe and convenient banking experience”, said Ranjan Sen, Head of Retail Banking and Wealth Management – HSBC Bank Egypt.

In 2012, HSBC was the first bank in Egypt to launch Mobile Banking in the Egyptian market offering our customers a unique user experience through a Smart phone application with an exclusive look and feel and simplified navigation.

“The world is witnessing a trend where more and more banking customers are going digital and we look forward to following these trends and bringing efficient banking solutions to our customers.  As an international bank, we are keen to introduce the latest global technology in the Egyptian market, offering our customers the newest products and services available globally in the HSBC Group to our customers in Egypt”, added Sen.

HSBC recognises that the main factors holding people back from the advantages of using internet banking is the lack of awareness of its benefits and the fear of cyber fraud. However, HSBC has the right security measures in place to mitigate these threats – a good example is HSBC’s Secure Key – another first for HSBC in the Egyptian market. HSBC Secure Key offers HSBC customers in Egypt an extra layer of security when accessing their accounts online and is provided to all HSBC Bank Egypt customers free of charge.

HSBC Bank Egypt has recently replaced its ATMs with the latest technology in the Group and with updated functionality, introducing instant cash deposit, in addition to cash withdrawal, balance inquiry, cash advance from credit card, bill payment, mini statement, cheque book request, PIN change and language change, offering its customers in Egypt a convenient banking experience. HSBC will continue its investment in Egypt aiming to connect customers to opportunities, helping them fulfill their hopes and dreams and realising their ambitions by bringing the best of HSBC global capabilities and technical expertise for our Egyptian customers.