Hundreds of thousands of Egyptian students took their final exams wearing protective gear

More than 650,000 Egyptian students took their Thanaweya Amma final exams on Sunday — all while taking precautions against the coronavirus threat, including wearing protective gear.

Over 100 million personal protection products were distributed, and students took the exams wearing face masks and gloves.

Students were seen lined up outside their schools to get their temperatures checked, while practicing social distancing inside classrooms. Bottles of hand sanitizer were readily available for use, and all the spaces had been disinfected in advance.

Despite the measures taken, worry of seeing a spike in coronavirus infections still loomed.

Egypt has reported at least 55,233 total cases and 2,193 coronavirus-related deaths, according to latest data from the ministry of health.

Students wearing face masks are seen at a high school exams site in Cairo, Egypt, on June 21, 2020. (Photo Credit: Alaa Ahmed/Xinhua/ via Getty Images)


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