ICS Ceramic Exhibition to promote Egyptian products, boost exports: official

The International Ceramic and Sanitary Ware Exhibition (ICS) in its eighth round is set to participate in promoting Egyptian products and providing more hard currencies through boosting exports.

Head of Egyptian Construction Export Council, Medhat Askar, stated Monday that the ICS is a good chance for leading manufacturers of ceramics and sanitary ware sector to send missions to promote Egyptian product outside.

The official made these remarks during the press conference held Monday about launching the 8th round of the International Ceramic and Sanitary Ware Exhibition (ICS).

The 8th round is scheduled to take place from 9-12 November at Cairo International Conference Centre (CCIC).

He added that the ICS Exhibition 2016 is set to shed lights on the importance of ceramics and sanitary ware sector in addition to its effect on the Egyptian economy.

The main purpose of the ICS 2016 is to increase exporting opportunities of ceramics and sanitary ware sector besides entering new markets in international states notably the African ones.

On other side, an official at the Guinean embassy in Cairo stated that the participation of Guinea in the ICS 2016 comes to deepen the bilateral ties between two states besides strengthening economic relations.

With the theme ” The Right Direction”, the 8th ICS would take place with the participation of 150 local, African, European, and Arab exhibitors.

The ICS is a significant exhibition where local and international market leaders will be able to reach their consumers.

ICS Egypt is an integrated marketing assembly for all requirements of ceramics and sanitary ware as well as full furnishings of bathrooms and kitchens that includes several local and international companies, organizations, factories and importers in that field.

It focuses on the most important and advanced utilised techniques beside the new types and utilization of ceramic an sanitary ware furnishings.

The exhibition provides an appropriate working environment that enhances interaction of large companies with small producers and distributors aiming to negotiate, coordinate and interact within this exhibition and assembly.