ICT Ministry-Egypt Rebuts Withdrawal of Unified License Dossier

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The Egyptian ministry of Information and communication Technology (ICT) denied, in a press release, the withdrawal of the unified license dossier from the ministry of communications.

The ministry added that there is an authorization from the Egyptian cabinet to the minister of communications issued on 27 march to handle this dossier.

Regarding the meeting with Vodafone Group PLC,the ministry added that the minister was present at the meeting held between Vodafone group plc, the prime minister and Vodafone Egypt official and that the meeting was a consultative meeting regarding the importance of the unified license and Vodafone’s investment plans to improve and expand the Egyptian infrastructure.

The ministry concluded that it did not receive any comments from the companies and that the companies are still looking into the unified license terms and will send their notes after finishing their studies and that the ministry will work on fixing any issues in accordance to the prime Minister’s order to work and coordinate with the concerned companies.