IDF helicopters killed most victims at Nova Festival shooting – Haaretz

At least 260 people died at the Tribe of Nova Music Festival on the seventh of October due to IDF helicopter attacks, Haaretz reported on Saturday.

During a Hamas attack on Israel, the IDF killed their own civilians while attempting to fire at Hamas fighters.

The Israeli combat helicopters arrived at the scene from the Ramat David base and emptied its ammunition onto the festival with no regard to the civilians inside.

According to Israeli press, the IDF was unprepared for the attack and was unable to differentiate what they see on the ground from their helicopters.

Therefore, the pilots improvised and fired at random, emptying the helicopter ammunition in minutes.

They followed that by re-arming and repeating the process.

There are many claims now that the IDF is responsible for most of the civilian casualties with their usage of airstrikes, apache helicopters, tanking shelling, and crossfire.

These reports were also backed up by witnesses from the Hamas attack survivors who said that Israeli citizens were “undoubtedly” killed by the Israeli military.

Rotim Holin, another witness, on the west side of the Kibbutz, reportedly said that Hamas fighters infiltrated her home but never hurt her family.

According to Holin one of the soldiers said: “I’m Muslim, I’m not going to hurt you.”

Moreover, in October the number of Israeli “victims” was at 1,400, but suddenly it is at 1,200 now.

These new updates draw out truth regarding the Hamas attacks.

This may lead to new perspectives about the events that occurred in October seven.

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