In 2013 – EGX Gain EGP51bn, 1200 Extra Entities Enter Market for First Time

In 2013, the Egyptian bourse registered gains totaled EGP 51 billion. The capital market grew by 14% closing at EGP 426.810 billion by the end of 2013’s sessions last Thursday, compared to EGP 376 billion by the end of 2012’s sessions.

The Egyptian Exchange’s indices reported lackluster performance during 2013.

Through 2013 – the main index, EGX30 surged by 24.17% to end at the level of 6783 points. For the mid- and small-cap index, the EGX70 inched up by 13.65% to close at 542 points; while, the price index EGX100 advanced by 15.34% to conclude at the level of 923 points.

Turnovers & Market Summary

In 2013, EGX’s traded volume reached around 29.190 million securities worth turnovers of around EGP 161.9 billion, exchanged through 4790 transactions.

Elsewhere, in the EGX’s Over-The-Counter – OTC trading, the shares had seized 80.3% out of the total traded value; while traded value of the bonds represented around 19.7% in 2013.

Investors Activities:

Local investors led the market activity through 2013, seizing 79.47% of the total market; while non-Arab foreigners and Arabs acquired 14.30% and 6.23%, respectively of the total market, after excluding the deals.

Excluding the deals, the non-Arab foreigners were net sellers in 2013, with a net equity of  EGP 2.001.05 million; while Arabs were net sellers, with a net equity of EGP 79.96 million, after excluding the deals.

Institutions had seized 49.20% of the EGX’s transactions; while individuals had 50.80%.

Institutions were net buyers, with a net equity of EGP 950.03 million through 2013, after excluding the deals.


Through 2013, turnovers on bonds have hit around EGP 28.791 million. The total volumes traded on bonds recorded around 27.589 thousand.

EGX’s Sustainable Role towards National Economy:

Despite ongoing economic challenges, the Egyptian bourse has maintained its landmark role towards the national economy. During 2013, EGX has provided its listed firms with necessary finances to assist in their expansion, growth and job creation plans. 9 new firms have been listed on the EGX during 2013. 24 EGX-listed firms have increased their capitals by EGP 5 billion.

1200 Institutions, New Comers on Egypt Market:

By virtue of multiple investment opportunities enjoyed by the Egyptian market, more than 1200 institutions have started pumping investments in the country. Three quarters of those institutions are foreign-based ones, which enter the Egyptian market for the first time.