Inta Feen: The first social networking game with an Arabic flavor

Inta Feen is the first Arab mobile location-based social networking game that enables users to socialize and compete with their friends based on their location.

The application enables users to keep in touch with their friends wherever they go by sharing their location. Users could also share their opinions, thoughts and experiences, recommend things to try and warn of things to avoid.

Another feature of the application is that users could compete to be the Mayor (3omda) by checking-in a place more than any other user and enjoy the 3omda status and open a world of benefits.

Inta Feen cooperates with several business partners to offer coupons and prizes to users.

Download Inta Feen and check-in your favorite places and have a chance to earn freebies and discounts. is designed and developed by Wireless Stars. Located in Alexandria, Wireless Stars was established by six engineers, who gave up their U.S located jobs to return to Egypt and establish their own company that provides distinctive services and applications.

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