Israa Jaabis among hostages released by Israel

Palestinian hostage Israa Jaabis was among the hostages released from Israeli prisons on Saturday in the hostage swap deal with Hamas, Al Arabiya reported.

Jaabis was among 39 Palestinian detainees released on Saturday.

These include six Palestinian women and 33 children.

On the 11th of October 2015, Jaabis was driving back home when her car engine died.

Upon seeing her, a retired Israeli officer stopped her and asked for her ID. She then attempted to leave the car, however, he asked her to stay inside.

“There is a strong smell in the car,” she told him and tried to get out of the car, that was when the officer slammed the car’s door and crushed her hand.

Her car then caught fire from a gas cylinder she had in her car, burning more than 50 percent of her body.

In the fire, she suffered, first, second, and third-degree burns over her face and body. She also lost eight fingers on her hands.

The Israeli regime accused her of a terror attack and detained her immediately.

They also refused to give her any medical attention when she desperately needed it.

She was sentenced to 11 years in Israeli prisons.

Upon her release, Jaabis said that she can not celebrate when Palestine is “bleeding”

She also said that during her imprisonment she and other Palestinian hostages were severely beaten and tortured.

Jaabis’ photo, showing her withered fingers and burnt face, is used in demonstrations to illustrate the suffering of the Palestinian people.

The swap agreement went into effect on Friday and is supposed to last for four days.

During these four days, Israel will release 150 Palestinians hostages in exchange for 50 Israelis.

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