Israel focuses on its climate goals away from war – Gideon Behar claims

Israel wants to continue its climate goals away from the war in Gaza, Israel’s special envoy for climate change, Gideon Behar claimed.

While Israel’s assault on Gaza persists for 60 days, about 2,000 kilometres away, Behar sits in an office at the UAE’s COP28 summit, under protection.

“We are part of the international community, and we must continue to all make our efforts,” Behar told Al Arabiya English on the sidelines of COP28.

In spite of the intensifying conflict in nearby Gaza, Behar has a single-minded focus: to promote what he claims is the world-leading climate technology developed by Israelis and demonstrate how his nation can contribute to the global effort to achieve the objectives set forth in the Paris Agreement.

He believes climate technology developed in Israel could address some of the most urgent issues in the Middle East resulting from global warming, including water shortages, desertification, food insecurity, and rising sea levels.

Behar said that the events that have unfolded since the October 7 attacks, including Israel’s subsequent heavy bombardment of Gaza resulting in the deaths of thousands of children, women, and men in the besieged region, have posed challenges to Israel’s reputation, with individuals taking sides in the ongoing conflict.

He further stated that the conflict should not deter regional cooperation with Israel in addressing one of the most urgent issues of our era, climate change.

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