Kandil Tops Delegation Of 6 Ministers, 60 Businessmen In Iraq

Alaa El-Hadidi, official spokesman for the Prime Minister, has asserted that the Egyptian Premier, Dr Hesham Kandil, will pay Monday the first official visit to Iraq since years. The premier will be accompanied by a delegation of 6 Egyptian ministers and 60 businessmen.

The spokesman added that the 6 ministers are the ministers of industry and foreign trade, petroleum, manpower and immigration, energy and the planning and international cooperation.

The ministry of trade and foreign affairs is responsible for selecting the businessmen who will participate in the official visit to Iraq; El-Hadidi said; adding that some 10 issues will be discussed during the visit, the most prominent ones are the Egyptian exports, gas and petroleum sector and reconstructing Iraq by Egyptian firms, as well as overcoming the fuel shortage.

During the first day of the visit, a joint committee will be held, followed by several bilateral meetings between both Egyptian and Iraqi businessmen, the spokesman said; elaborating that the prime target of this visit is to boost the volume of exports, and to sign transactions between the businessmen.