King Charles warns of ‘Dangerous uncharted territory’ awaiting world

King Charles III cautioned global leaders on Friday that the indicators of the climate crisis are being overlooked, warning of a “dangerous uncharted territory.”

This dangerous territory could have catastrophic impacts on lives and livelihoods.

The King stated in his opening speech to the COP28 summit in Dubai that the world is conducting a “vast, frightening experiment” on the environment that risks creating “feedback loops” in the climate system, which could lead to irreversible disaster.

“I prayed with all my heart that COP28 will be a critical turning point towards genuine transformational action,” he further said.

He also highlighted this year’s severe weather events, such as Canada’s record-breaking wildfires, fatal floods in Pakistan and Bangladesh, and East Africa’s devastating drought, are all due to climate change.

He also emphasised to the delegates that the world’s hope depends on the summit’s decisions.

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