Kira Wal Gin movie breaks records at Egypt cinemas

Kira Wal Gin captures the lion’s shares of the box office on the fourth night on Monday of its screening in Egypt, gaining LE14.5 million in revenues until now. Moreover, the movie recorded LE2.7 million in revenues on Sunday.

As leads starring Kira Wal Gin Ahmed Ezz and Karim Abdel Aziz. Also, the famous actress Hend Sabry participates in this movie, along with Hoda al-Mufti, Sayed Ragab, Tamer Nabil, Lara Iskandar, director of photography Ahmed Morsy and writer Ahmed Murad.

Kira Wal Gin’s director is Marwan Hamed, which celebrated the special screening of the film in a major cinema in Sheikh Zayed City on Sunday.

Kira Wal Gin is inspired by the novel “1919” written by Ahmed Murad. The film is a story of an Egyptian resistance fighters’ group against the British occupation at the time of the 1919 revolution to 1924. This group also fought battles and made sacrifices for independence.

Henry Sabry anticipates the movie will achieve the highest revenues in the history of cinema in Egypt. Hend also commented on the film achieving revenues of LE12 million in in three days.

“In all cases, this is the highest revenue in the history of Egyptian cinema.” Sabry posted on her personal Instagram account.


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