Kuwaiti Dinar Hits Highest Level Against Egypt Pound: CBE

According to the Egyptian Central Bank’s report on Sunday on Arab currencies’ exchange rates, the Kuwaiti dinar soared against the Egypt pound to EGP 23.76 (buy price) and EGP 24.41 (sell price), representing an increase of 2 piasters.

For the Saudi riyal, it has hit EGP 1.79 (buy price) and EGP 1.82 (sell price).

CBE’s report added that the UAE dirham has reported on Sunday EGP 1.85 (buy price) and EGP 1.86 (sell price). The Qatari riyal reached EGP 1.86 (buy price) and EGP 1.87 (sell price); while the Omani riyal hit EGP 17.53 (buy price) and EGP 17.78 (sell price).

Moreover, the Bahraini dinar has reached EGP 17.97 (buy price) and EGP 18.16 (sell price).

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