Ministry of Housing cooperates with Zewail’s city to establish “Misr medical complex”

The Urban Communities Authority of the Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Development has announced the establishment of “Misr Medical Complex”, to provide the suitable medical care for employees of the authority and their families in addition to employees of the ministry of housing, clearing that it would be located near to Zewail city for Science and Technology – Sheikh Zayed.

This was decided after Dr. El Baradie’s –minister of housing- meeting with Dr. Ahmed Zewailm at the headquarters of the New Urban Communities Authority in Sheikh Zayed, to discuss means of cooperation between the ministry of housing and the Zewail city, in order to establish the medical complex and provide it with the latest technologies.

El Baradie declared that it was agreed upon with Dr. Zewail to allocate a center for medical researches specialized in different medical sciences. They agreed that Zewail would be responsible for the complex provided that the complex administration supply it with all needs, and in return Zewail would exert his best efforts and use his foreign relationships to provide the complex with the latest medical equipments and devices.

Dr. Zewail expressed his excitement towards the project, assuring that he preferred the ministry of housing’s offers on several other offers, adding that the council of Zewail’s city included six of whom had received a noble prize alongside a group of science geniuses.