Misr Life eyes Insurance Policy for Egyptian Military Personnel

Egypt’s Misr Life Insurance aims to issue a new insurance policy for the military personnel amid the frequent attacks against army officers since last year’s ouster of president Mohamed Morsi.

This will be in coordination with the Insurance Fund for Army officers who are currently discussing the matter whether to approve or not, Head of Group Life Insurance Sector at Misr Life Hassan Abdel Baki told Amwal Al Ghad.

The new policy for the military personnel will along the lines of the life insurance policies for the Egyptian police officers, he noted.

Abdel Baki also elaborated that the policy comes in the light of the recent frequent deaths of military officers during fighting terrorism.

Misr Life is providing life covers for around 450.000 Egyptian police officers. The policy is worth EGP 50.000 if the policy officer dies from natural deaths before reaching retirement and EGP 100.000 in case an officer is ‘martyred’ – killed on duty.

Security forces have been subjected to repeated militant attacks since last year’s ouster of president Mohamed Morsi, with at least 500 police and military personnel killed.

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