Mobile subscribers reach 81 million users

Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics declared that the number of mobile phone subscribers within 2011 increased by 23.7% rose to reach 81 million subscribers, compared with 65.5 million subscribers in 2010, adding that mobile prevalence rate has increased by 16% in this year.

The agency mentioned through its new issuance of “Egypt in Figures” book of 2012, that the proportion of Internet users increased by 20.3%, as the number of subscribers reached 27.8 million subscribers in 2011, comparing with 23 million subscribers in 2010, pointing to the increase in the capacity of international Internet, which increased by 52.6% in 2011.

The agency added that the percentage of households that have Internet at home rose by 5.4% -from 30.1% in 2010 to 36.3% in 2011- referring also to the decrease in number of mobile Internet subscribers of the total mobile subscribers by 0.8%, as it reached 12.2% during in 2011 compared to about 13.1% in 2010.

The proportion of USB modems users of increased by 99.9%, as it reached 2.5 million subscribers in 2011 compared to about 1.2 million subscribers in 2010.

For the landlines regard, the total number of subscribers has dropped by 5.9% to be 9 million subscribers in 2011 compared to 9.6 million subscribers in 2010, while the prevalence rate of landlines decreased of 0.9%, as it reached about 11.3% in 2011 compared to about 12.2% in 2010. 

The number of landlines’ users is divided into 3 sectors, which are 772980 lines for homes, 174923 for commercials, and 7694645 for the government, and regarding the acquisition rates of landlines, Cairo governorate acquired the largest number of subscribers by 21.9%, while South Sinai governorate ranked last with 0.2%.

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