Morocco’s Yassine Bounou to provide prosthetics for an amputee kid in Gaza

Morocco’s goalkeeper, Yassine Bounou decided to provide prosthetics for a young Palestinian boy who had his leg amputated after an Israeli airstrike, Al Ouazzani Abderrahim, Former Adviser to the Minister of Sport, said on Tuesday Nov. 21.

The 11-year-old Asif Abu Mahadi lost his leg in an Israeli airstrike in Gaza and his dream is to get back on the football pitch and play just like his idol – Morocco’s goalkeeper Yassine Bounou.

Bounou also will cover the treatment expenses for the Palestinian child, according to Morocco Timeline’s statement on X platform.

Bounou had fulfilled Palestinian child Asif’s dream by calling him. “One of my dreams came true – to talk to Yassine Bounou,” Asef said through tears. “I will keep trying to play football and become a player just like Yassine Bounou,” he added.

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