Mountain View: We Owned Portfolio Lands Enough For 3 Years

Ayman Ismail, Chairman, Dar Al Mimar Group-Mountain View Egypt, has revealed that his company is owning  various portfolio of lands in New Cairo Compound 5 ,sixth October, Ain Sokhna, North Coast and Ras Sudr and these lands are enough for the company for three years.

Ayman Ismail, pointed out that the company’s start in the implementation of two new projects such as ‘Hyde Park’ Mountain View Compound 5 on an area of 200 feddans which is being implemented in a period ranging between 4 to 5 years in addition to ‘October Park’ project on an area of 60 feddans.

Moreover, Ismail added to Amwal Al Ghad that the political stability and the clear vision of government are two main conditions so as to achieve comprehensive economic renaissance, especially the economy has owned the factors which can make it achieve good growth rates, explaining that the real estate sector represents about 16% from the total results  and it will play an important role. it is expected that the economy will achieve growth in the sales volume with 20% within this year.

Furthermore, Ismail has demanded from the government to put the development as a main goal when the lands will be offered to investors and not to depend on auction system expecting that the prices will raise with the hike of the dollar’s value.

Al Mimar Group will participate in establishing ‘Dar Es Salam’ project in cooperation with ‘together’ foundation to solve slums problems, Ismail has explained that the group is now receiving the lands from the governorate after the completion of urban planning which will be on an area of 60 feddans with cost of EGP 450 million.