NBE Seeks to Finance the Launch of Dekheila Port’s Quay No.100

The National Bank of Egypt (NBE) seeks arranging USdollar financing in order to establish quay No.100 in Dekheila port to circulate the containers which estimated at US$500 million, Senior sources said.

Speaking to Amwal Al Ghad Arabic’s Website, the sources added that NBE is still in primary phase of negotiations, stressing that the bank seeks to finance all the development pr

Alexandria Port Authority will review the submitted offers from firms so as to establish quay No.100 in Dekheila port by next August, noting that the quay will be implemented by the upcoming 3 years ,Head of Port,  Major General, Adel Yassin asserted.

Moreover, the area of quay will reach up 1300 meters and the storage space up 470.000 tons along with 9.000 tonnages.